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We deliver fresh and delicious fish
in the condition requested

Ohguchi Suisan is a fisheries company established in Kanazawa in 1944.
We have developed a wide range of businesses from purchasing, wholesaling, processing, delivery, and retailing, and deliver our products in a condition that meets the needs of our customers.

Why Ohguchi Suisan is chosen

Extensive Purchasing

We have a nationwide network in Japan and make every effort to obtain seasonal information, sometimes directly from the producing regions, before the products reach the market.
By receiving information at an early stage, we are able to purchase large quantities of cheap, fresh seafood and deliver it to our customers.

Extensive Purchasing
Extensive Purchasing

Connoisseurship because we are also a retailer

We have five stores in Hokuriku and also do retail business.
Because we actually interact with our customers, we have gained the ability to identify delicious fish in order to provide our customers with truly delicious products, and we purchase products with a reliable discernment.

Processing capabilities that can be tailored to customer requirements

Beginning in 2019, our wholesale and processing division became independent and became BSO (Best Selection Ohguchi) Co.
BSO Corporation is equipped with a variety of automated processing equipment, including 3-piece wholesalers and sashimi slicers. We are able to perform delicious processing according to the condition and shape of the fish, and deliver products in a condition that is easy for customers to use.

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Processing capabilities that can be tailored to customer requirements
Best for maintaining freshness Introduction of hybrid ice equipment

Best for maintaining freshness Introduction
hybrid ice equipment

For long-distance delivery, we have introduced a new technology called "Hybrid Ice. This technology can freeze salt water as high as 23.5% by instant freezing, and can flexibly change the ice-making temperature and ice shape, making it possible to deliver seafood in the freshest condition.

Reliable service
backed by 80 years of experience

We have been operating a fisheries company since 1944 and have been doing business with many companies for more than 80 years.
We provide high quality services with the know-how we have gained from this experience.

Because we are fish professionals, you can do business with us with peace of mind

Our experienced employees are available to assist you. Please feel free to contact us.

Flexible delivery support is available

We do business not only with Hokuriku but also with all of Japan and overseas.
We can provide flexible delivery services, so please consult with us first.

We have an extensive track record of transactions

We have experience working with a variety of industries, including supermarkets, fresh fish stores, restaurants, hotels, and inns. We can deal with a wide variety of cases related to marine products.

Flow chart of transactions

Contact us

Please contact us when you have decided on the products you wish to trade.

Business discussion

Please consult with us regarding purchase volume, transaction details and conditions.

Start of transaction

We can provide services such as purchasing, fresh fish processing, and delivery according to your needs. We also provide a variety of information and suggestions regarding fisheries.

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