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A fishmonger in Kanazawa's "Ohmicho-Ichiba",
established 80 years ago

Ohguchi Suisan's origin is the Ohmicho-ichiba, the kitchen of Kanazawa citizens.
In the past and still today, we are committed to face-to-face sales and value being the "fishmonger of the Ohmicho-ichiba" where there is warm human interaction.
Purchasing fresh and delicious fish in large quantities and offering them to customers at low prices.
Creating an attractive sales floor by arranging the fish purchased that day in a well-balanced manner.
To attract customers with our cheerful voice.
Cooking fish beautifully and quickly.
How do you eat this fish? What's good now?" Responding to customers' voices such as "I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
It is always "people" who convey the value of delicious fish.
At Ohguchi Suisan, we have fish professionals who can convey this value to our customers.

with Sho-kon.

Selling cheap and tasty fish to customers
with "Sho-kon"

Develop people who can convey the deliciousness of fish by sincerely interacting with customers in the stores.
By communicating the deliciousness of fish, customers will be satisfied with their purchases.
"A person who cannot sell one sardine with a good feeling cannot sell 100 boxes, 1,000 boxes, or 10,000 boxes."
With these words in mind, we interact with our customers on a daily basis.

Ohguchi Suisan's origin, "Ohmicho-Ichiba" Main Store

Ohguchi Suisan boasts the largest sales floor space of all the stores crammed into "Ohmicho-Ichiba".
It has been in business for 80 years.
The sales style of fish professionals conversing with customers has been a tradition at Ohguchi Suisan since its establishment.
The store offers a wide variety of products, including sashimi, sushi, dried fish, and salted fish, as well as whole fish, to meet the needs of local residents for everyday shopping, tourists for souvenirs, and business customers.

Ohguchi Suisan's origin, Ohmicho-Ichiba Main Store

Store development as an antenna store
for "Ohmicho-Ichiba"

We operate retail stores as tenants in shopping centers in and out of the prefecture.
We offer not only whole fish, but also fillets, sashimi packs, and even original prepared foods.
While considering the product lineup and store presentation based on the trade area and clientele at each store, we provide those who have never been to "Ohmicho-Ichiba" with an opportunity to visit the town, and those who cannot easily visit "Ohmicho-Ichiba" with the convenience of being able to purchase the same quality products in their living area.

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