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Guided by the "Sho-kon ( Ohguchi Suisan's business spirit ) ", we continue to pursue "transformation"

Ohguchi Suisan Co., Ltd. was first opened in June 1944 as a retail store by the founder Tomoyuki Arai in Kanazawa's "Ohmicho-ichiba".
Along our continuous quest to provide safe, reliable, and delicious products to customers to earn their trust and keep them satisfied, the store gradually grew into a general food trading company that deals with all kinds of seafood.
On the other hand, societal forces have drastically changed as our lifestyles and values become more diversified and with the emergence of social issues such as low birth rates and a shrinking working age population.
Our company, based in Ohmicho-ichiba which is celebrating its 300-year anniversary this year, is also very aware of the need to preserve our precious traditions but also change with the times.
As such, we have embarked on new challenges, such as opening up branches in and outside of Ishikawa Prefecture to promote "Ohmicho-ichiba" as well as establishing new fish processing factories to insource our products.

The "Sho-kon ( Ohguchi Suisan's business spirit ) " is a mantra that has been passed down since the founding of the company.
Our founder, Tomoyuki Arai, explained "salesmanship" as "every sales must have a philosophy behind it." This is the philosophy we inherited from Tomoyuki Arai.
With this philosophy etched in our heart, Ohguchi Suisan will continue to evolve while valuing both "tradition" and "transformation" with the aim of maintaining the business until its 100th anniversary and beyond as well as securing the future of Ohmicho-ichiba.

CEO Ryosuke Arai
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