About the Company
Five precepts that are the company motto

Tomoyuki Arai, Founder of Ohguchi Suisan Co

To contribute to the community by firmly upholding "Trust, Unity, Service, Pushing forward, and Health"


Deliver fresh, safe, and secure seafood and set the price at which customers can buy it.


Under the motto of "contributing to society through food," all employees work together to purchase, process, serve customers, manage, and ship food.


Because Ohguchi Suisan's business is based on the blessings of nature and people, we meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Pushing forward

Respond flexibly to changes in the times and demand, and deliver products securely to customers who need marine products. With Japan as our base, we will make daily efforts to meet the demand from overseas as well.


As a fresh food company that supports the kitchens of the citizens of Kanazawa, we will treat our customers in a lively manner and provide them with a pleasant shopping experience.

General Inquiries